Friday, April 23, 2010

Craft Room Spring Cleaning: Handicraft wall

Task: Make the *official Felt Mouse banner" into a wall hanging

This is the handicraft wall (as opposed to the art wall, which will be coming up shortly). You may recall the thrifted balsa wood piece, Shanna's adorable doll quilt, the silhouette of the lady knitting, and Hank's silhouette. But you have to go way way back in the archives to find the official Felt Mouse banner.

Not sure what even inspired me to make that, but since I held onto it, I had to do something with it. I sewed on loops and used a stick from a hanging calendar dishtowel to hang it.

One more quick fix on this wall. The nail holding the doll quilt* was kind of distracting, so I glued a button onto it. Easy peasy.

*I think the idea for hanging something with a pants hanger, and then having a curtain ring on the hook for additional display opportunities, was from Matthew Mead in a Country Home mag. I miss Country Home, don't you?


Favorite of the day: Nada

Working on: Catching up on Thursday's shows via hulu


Heidi said...

I do miss Country Home mag too!

Thanks for the idea of the button on the nail--I was just trying to hang something in my kitchen yesterday but didn't want an exposed nail, and this is a perfect solution!

Rebecca said...

Love the idea of the button on the nail! You are getting so organized. I've been going through my craft room as well but it's still such a mess lol.