Sunday, April 25, 2010

Craft Room Spring Cleaning: Guest accommodations

Tasks: Finish correspondence kit, find two postcards of Long Beach

(couch pulled out into bed)

Despite my joking about not wanting guests to stay too long, I have done a lot of (dorky) things to make visitors feel comfortable in this tiny space. I tried to follow Martha's tips for hosting guests to the greatest extent feasible. I mean, this woman has whole houses she can offer her guests. Mine get shoebox accommodations and share a postage stamp sized bathroom with us.

My most favorite thing in the room is this wardrobe from Ikea. Coincidentally, it is BT's least favorite item, as he feels it takes up too much real estate. I just love that it can hold special items clipped on the front

(two vintage postcards of Long Beach and cards artists sent with the prints I purchased)

and on the back, guests can hang their clothes and store shoes. There also is a robe

and slippers for guests, as well as their bath towels.

The metal rack is meant to take with them to the shower, as we have a stall shower, and it is a pain to bend over to pick up your stuff.

One of my initial ideas for the room was for it to have a local theme. I didn't go too far with that, other than purchasing this vintage AAA map showing the route from Long Beach to San Pedro

(hard to get a good angle with the wardrobe in the way. Did I just say that?)

and buying a couple of post cards showing old beach scenes.

Also on the back of the wardrobe is a correspondence kit housed in an Anthro "wall pocket" purchased on clearance years ago.

Here are the contents of the kit

(notepad, envelopes, pens, stamps, post cards, cards with California poppies, a guide to outdoor activities in Los Angeles, hiking guide for Orange County, a bird guide, and a local map)

'Cause when people come to Long Beach, it's a really big deal, and they want to write all their friends to tell them about it. Joking.

Finally, in the first picture you will note a tissue box, clock, candy (in the small basket), and a carafe of water.

I was really excited to finish this aspect of the room, and made a special trip to the drug store just to buy post cards, a notepad, and pens for my correspondence kit. That day, I watched The Story of Stuff, and felt like a big old consumer whore (though it's not entirely my fault - we're programmed to feel we need to shop all the time. Just watch the movie!) This movie really messed with my head. I always felt I was ok because I wasn't buying tons of clothes or high priced accessories - expensive things I don't need. But, I buy a lot of cheap stuff I don't *need* either. I go shopping every single day, even if it is just to spend a few dollars on pens and post cards (that, let's face it, nobody is every going to use).

Next week I am going to try my darnedest to not go to a single store other than the grocery store (and no cheating there buying "fun" stuff there.) I'll let you know how that goes!


Favorite of the day: In the interest of getting away from coveting "stuff," I'm going to say nothing.

Working on: A practical sewing machine cover (keep dust out to minimize maintenance) made from materials I already have.


Very Mary said...

I'm just in love with this whole thing! And the post before! And the one before that!

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Your room looks very inviting. The maker of the story of stuff has a new video out too.