Monday, April 19, 2010

Craft Room Spring Cleaning: File box

Task: File papers in new file box

Lest you despise me for having a whole room dedicated to craft, I must add that this room is also our guest room, and contains the remnants of our office. Oh, and the room is a scant 7 1/2 feet by 10 feet. So yeah - not so much a craft room as a multipurpose closet.

Previously our files were stored in a filing cabinet. It no longer fit at the new house, so another solution was needed. I used a filing bin from Target and some pretty folders also purchased there. Sadly they did not come with enough labels to cover all the folders, so I am a little bugged that they do not all look the same. Que sera.

This bin sits beneath the work basket. I still have plenty of room under my desk, though, so I don't need to move it each time I sit here to sew. Which is nice, as most activities in this room require a constant shuffling and reshuffling of items to achieve a certain task.


Favorite of the day: Would I hate myself later for using my entire pillowcase stash to make these?

Working on: Hemming some curtains

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