Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Craft Room Spring Cleaning: Curio shelf

Tasks: Find and paint curio shelf

Just one or two more posts related to the craft room, and I will be done with this space for now.

This is formerly a spice rack turned curio shelf. Although thrift stores across the country are probably chock full of these, I had to buy mine off etsy. I painted it white, and now it holds special treasures, mainly from you guys!

So the project I am debating - should I recover our ironing board?

I know the answer is yes, since it is a big old white eye sore as is. I found THE cutest patchwork cover at Marshalls awhile back, but it was standard size, and not designed for the big behemoth Costco sized ironing board. Now I kinda have patchwork stuck in my head, but that seems like a lot of work for an ironing board cover, and perhaps some of the fabrics would bleed if you were steaming items? The biggest piece of fabric I have on hand (since I'm not shopping this week) is a sheet, which could be cute. I'm nervous to try this tutorial, since I would ruin the cover, and if it doesn't turn out I would have nothing.

What should I do?


Favorite of the day: Nothing to report

Shopping update: I dropped off a bag at Goodwill, and admittedly did browse. No purchases. I also picked up glasses I had already paid for.

Working on: End tables


Emy said...

See if you can find cheater fabric. I don't think real patchwork would work nicely anyways. It's not the flattest surface.

Heidi said...

My mom bought me a cute handmade ironing board cover and I was surprised at how much I love it! It's an item I never would have thought to buy for myself but it actually inspired a little laundry room make-over.

The IBC has a drawstring that I think it actually a string inside double-fold bias tape. I think they put the string inside the crease of the tape and then sewed it on, since threading it would be a nightmare. I like the tutorial you linked, but I see how that could be iffy. Is there any way to make it with an elastic edge, like a shower cap? Not sure if you could get it really nice and tight that way though.

kym said...

Making an ironing board cover is easy peasy....take your old one off, straighten it out...and trace. Then cut out new one. I made mine about 1 inch bigger all the way around. I used some bias that I made for a quilt and had leftover. Sewed it on and used a safety pin to run a drawstring through...took me less than one hour and it is the highlight of my not done sewing area! It actually makes me smile! I used fabric that matches some I have used in my sewing maybe what you used for your machine cover??
I think you can do it! :) Or, you can have me make you one! :) hee hee