Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Craft Room Spring Cleaning: Cubbies

Task: Find, fill, and label boxes for cubbies

I suppose it is a reflection on our different upbringings, that BT - who did not attend day care - does not use "cubby" as part of his regular vocabulary. This was a source of frustration in building out the closet, as I originally wanted a few cubbies, and BT would tell me he did not know what those were.

To me, cubbies are defined as small partitioned storage areas. In school, they were used to house snacks, jackets, and a change of clothes. In my craft room, they house thread, embroidery floss, buttons, needles, labels, scissors (for paper), jewelry fittings, small projects, and snaps

I never knew I had so many snaps.


Favorite of the day: Kangaroos!

Working on: Sewing machine cover


cheap beds said...

I like your cubbies. Thanks for sharing it here.

- Annabella

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

Cubbies are great! I bought a box w/ small drawers intended for nut & bolts for some of my crafting odds and ends. Cubbie might just be my favorite word. I'm addicted to the concept of organizing and you're inspiring me to make some organizational updates!