Thursday, March 18, 2010

Step 2. Let it simmer for three years

Barb is one of my oldest blog buddies

We have exchanged quite a few packages over the years. Those received have always been so thoughtful, and those sent are always fun to put together. You may recall Barb's most recent package to me - a fully loaded flat rate shipping box.

Well, I decided to send her my speciality - a fully loaded flat rate shipping envelope. You may recall that I prepared these types of packages for BT's cousin serving an overseas mission.

I intended for there to be 20 items in the envelope, but looking at the pic there may have been less (?) In any case, it was filled with animal related goodies, Japanese goodness, ephemera, and some random goodies I thought Barb would enjoy.

One item that was nice to finally be able to include in a package to Barb was a vinyl encased recipe card using the pattern she provided a few years ago to Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. I never intended to participate in the swap that was offered when the article was released, but I did always intend to make a card as a gift for Barb to show support for her published work. I assembled the components three years ago (Step 1), but did not put it together until this month.

I chose to do a fun recipe - one that includes the ingredients for reliving your childhood. The directions say "Don't be afraid to try all ingredients. Repeat often." I had the metal "ingredient" words from the start, but didn't find the sticker ones until recently. So, sometimes it is good to let things simmer for awhile, and allow it to grow and develop. Of course the whole point of encasing the card in vinyl is to float objects in the card. I used plastic barrettes on the front and alphabet pasta on the back. That's a pic of 4-year-old me on the front. I had a lot of fun with this!

Thanks for everything, Barb!


Favorite of the day: Pointing out every truck, bus, and "unusual vehicle" that crosses our path while driving is a very big deal around these parts. These magnets would be great to remind Hank of his favorite vehicles when he is at home.

Working on: Finishing up a baby gift

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woof nanny said...

Yay! I finally found my camera charger (how did I live without a camera for so long?!) and posted on my blog. I LOVE everything so much. Thank you!!!!!