Sunday, March 07, 2010

A special gift

Describing blogging to non-bloggers, as I'm sure you have all encountered, is very difficult -

Trying to explain how people you have never met in person have become such an important part of your life. How some bloggers you *know* better based on email exchanges and the like, while some you don't communicate with much, but feel a special bond with them based on brief exchanges and reading about their daily life. How one can read (ahem) hundreds of blogs and remember facts about the writers, but cannot remember to go to one's own dental appointment.

I have admired Alicia for quite some time. She has an amazing style, has a beautiful house, and makes wonderful crafts. Despite having thousands of readers, she still manages to be friendly and approachable. I have bought handmade items from her - even a bag of drool worthy fabric scraps. Her feature from Romantic Homes is carefully stored in my idea files. Her book is shelved in my library. If I recall correctly, the labels I use on my fabric crafts were purchased after she shared the source for her labels.

I was so excited to hear Alicia and her husband are welcoming a baby girl into their lives. I *knew* I had to make something special to send to them, so I ended up making a yo-yo doll quilt. I love its homey look, and hope Alicia and her new addition do as well!


Favorite of the day: Searching for favor ideas - living vicariously through another couple as they plan their wedding day.

Working on: Another thank you

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Emy said...

I agree. I tear up every time I read her posts. I remember how excited I was to finally add Cale to my life, so that makes it even more special.