Sunday, March 14, 2010

I think I figured it out this year - I hate pastels

Easter is upon us, and yet again I have not put out one decoration. No bunnies, eggs, or chicks grace our living space.

I did, however, make up favor bags to give out to the cousins at our family Easter egg hunt! They are festively done up in orange and brown.

Orange and brown?

I'm just not a pastel person. Perhaps it is because - according to my color analysis - I am an "Autumn," so the opposite season, Spring, is my nemesis. Or, in this instance, it could just be because I had an AWESOME trip to the Japanese dollar store and found these big top inspired bunny stickers (in a variety of scents)

and a bunch of small brown, orange and yellow toys

(the other toys include a giraffe finger puppet and maracas)

The checkered twist ties are also from the dollar store. I made up ticket-inspired labels to attach to the bags, and threw in a couple of Dove peanut butter eggs.

Hank's Easter outfit is closely aligned to this color palette. I will most likely be wearing a non-pastel as well - something to highlight my chestnut hair and sallow skin. Ok - is sallow not the worst word ever?


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mascanlon said...

Well I am still in the St Patrick's mode but will have a few Easter decorations out by the weekend. Orange and brown...well those are just the cutest bags, spring or not!

Rebecca said...

Will your family adopt me? I want to come to the egg hunt. ;)

Very Mary said...

This year, in lieu of chocolate bunnies, I am giving chocolate squirrels! They're amazing! Bright colors, no fuzzy anything, and only $2 each. Yes. Walmart. They also have owls. GENIUS.

woof nanny said...

wow--how did you make those tags? What a fun idea!

Jennifer said...

@Barb - I just farted around in Word until I came up with something that looked like a ticket (using Playbill font). The key is in the cutting, to use a hol punch ebtween tickets to give it that disctintive look.