Monday, March 29, 2010

Hopefully more punk than cosplay*

One of the bluebirds had an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday recently

I wanted to make her an apron. I didn't want it to be the traditional Alice pinafore, but something a bit more funky and hip. I bought some blue fabric with black polka dots for the apron body, and used some lace I had on hand for the trim. The rabbit and heart are from the same source as the circles used here.

The package was wrapped with a tempting phrase attached

and in one of the pockets, a mysterious key...

(Thanks to my Chinese elm for modeling)

* Crash course in cosplay

Favorite of the day: I love this idea for a modern take on the family tree (via ohdeedoh)

Working on: Easter basket


sweet little sister said...

Suuuuuper cute! The key, what an awesome touch.

Very Mary said...

way freakin cool. It's like you're the queen of kickassery;)