Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hippity hoppity

Can't believe Easter is already almost here!

I finished Hank's Easter basket last night. It is basically like these baskets - a gardening theme - as I suspect he will enjoy the routine of going out to water some plants daily (I am not making light of mental illness, but we can't help but notice that Hank gets a little obsessive about following routines. For example, to say we are going outside will prompt Hank to go get his jacket and want it put on - even if it is 90 degrees.

For now I only bought pumpkin and sunflower seeds to grow. This is basically our neighborhood (circa 1921), and if you think I'm eating anything that grows out of this soil here, you're the one who is nuts! Hopefully we can build some container gardens for next year.

In the carrots are Target's "Chickadees" (off-brand Goldfish crackers) and Annie's bunny grahams. There's also a little chocolate bunny. 'Cause eating veggies out of soil that is possibly contaminated with oil is way worse for a toddler than eating processed candy that barely contains any recognizable ingredients.


Favorite of the day: A League of Their Own is definitely in my top ten all time favorite flicks - I would love to "live in" that movie!

Working on: Work basket project!

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