Monday, March 08, 2010

Hank at (almost) 16 months

I haven't done a progress report in quite some time. Here is Hank on his first pony ride. He also

~ Says about 2 dozen words (subject to his parents' interpretation). My favorite: Nigh nigh. Oddest: Mole (which he learned is next to my always giggle-inducing belly button).

~ Is making associations. One of his favorite books is only 6 pages long, but takes some time to read. When we get to the page with a bird on it, he points to the bird, then runs over to point to a bird on one of his toys, then runs to the window to point outside where the birds live. The next page shows a dog having a band-aid put on by his mommy, so we need to point to all of the ouchies on Hank and his mama's hands (mama has a lot of ouchies).

~ Speaking of reading, Hank makes the cutest noise of all time when he is pretending to talk on the phone or read a book. For the life of me, I can't get it on video, but it is a cute garbled interpretation of what we sound like to him - his equivalent of the Peanuts' teacher voice.

~ Sleeps like a champ now! I never thought I would say that. Lots of good nigh nighs.

~ Of course we have some typical bad toddler behaviors developing - throwing food, not keeping our hands to ourselves, tantrums. But overall he is a sweet little boy and a joy to have around.


Favorite of the day: No that we are anywhere near ready to remodel our bathroom (next year's project - hopefully). But when we do, I think there are some good ideas here.

Working on: A special recipe


Rebecca said...

What a cutie! I love his hair. :) Sorry I haven't been to visit in forever, it's a bit of craziness over here, oy. Hope all is well!

sweet little sister said...

I loved reading this update! Hank is awesome & I absolutely agree with you- he's pure joy to be around!!! Where'd you guys score a pony ride? I bet he is equally happy to be your son, as you are to be his Mama. 'mole'! LOL ;•j

woof nanny said...

The cuteness is killing me. That boy could be modeling. I'm not kidding