Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From the Work Basket: March

Speaking of aprons, this month's Work Basket project involves a Tie One On apron, completed for the June 2007 theme of The Pocket.

I don't know what kind of time constraint I was under at the time, but this apron was a disaster on the inside. Lots of raw edges showing, and even some holes. I didn't keep any of my Tie One On aprons. Most I donated to Goodwill, at least a couple were thrown away, but a few that I was really proud of I gave to friends. Now that this apron is presentable on both sides, I am ready to give it up. In fact, this apron is destined for the mom of two women that received this apron and that apron.

Peas and thank you, dear friend, and happy gardening.

Remaining work basket projects (in no particular order):

- Quilt for my mom
- Sandwich wrap
- Carpet bag
- Tunic
- Hooded towel repair
- Vest for Hank
- New bulletin board
- Men's shirt refashion
- Skirt

Completed projects:

- January: Baby pants
- February: Baby quilt (using BT's baby blanket)

(I need a time extension on my month of giving - just a couple more weeks, please!)


Favorite of the day: Pretty backyard

Working on: Kitschy tutorial


Sarah and Jack said...

so, in that in backyard link they used cement board for a fence. I am both intrigued (fences are bloody expensive) and slightly horrified (hardibacker around the yard?!?!).

Jennifer said...

Yikes - I didn't even notice that! I just liked the pops of yellow, the succulents, and the delicate furniture. Yeah - that fence ain't gonna last.

Very Mary said...

Interestingly enough, my project is also an apron! I'm planning to finish it up this weekend:)