Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can't say I *hope* for happy accidents

but when they do occur, I am grateful

This is a stroller blanket made for a friend*. The color scheme (orange, mustard yellow, purple, magenta) was inspired by some Dwell studio baby stuff I found on sale at Target.

The blanket design is a repeat of one I made for Hank when we bought our jogging stroller about a year ago

Both blankets were made with fabrics on hand, and are lined with soft flannel. They are nice in the spring placed directly on the baby (i.e. under the tray) to give a little warmth, and all year they can be hooked over the tray to protect baby legs from the sun if one forgets to bring sunscreen. Hank's blanket has plain velcro straps to hook it onto the stroller. The new version has the velcro sewn onto fabric strips, so they look a little nicer.

So the accident was that, apparently, at some point during the construction of the new stroller blanket (noticed after I had turned it right side out and sewed it shut, naturally), I cut a small scissor mark in the upper left hand corner. It was too far over to the side to just cover it and leave the rest of this square unadorned. The happy part was that I happened to have a bag of random felt shapes that included circles in appropriate colors. I sewed them on using an X to mimic the design on the purple-striped Japanese fabric, and voila - it looks like I intended it to be that way all along.

Here is the basket ready for gift giving

* I made a baby food making supply basket for this friend for baby #1. This is one of my most viewed flickr photos :) I didn't do a blog post as I was on hiatus at the time.

(here is somebody who does hope for happy accidents)

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leslie said...

super cute!!!

Very Mary said...

Making gift baskets has to be one of my most favorite pastimes of ever! I love to peek at yours, too!

Steph said...

Oh, what a cute gift! I wish we'd gotten such nice things when we had our daughter. I would've loved handmade items and Dwell stuff and funky color combos. Instead we found ourselves covered in pink and ruffles...blargh.