Saturday, March 27, 2010


About a year ago, one of my employees learned how to crochet. Her first project was a prayer shawl. She is Muslim, so I initially thought this project was specific to her religion.

Then I found out that the pastor at my church passes out prayer shawls to people she visits who lost a loved one or have been diagnosed with an illness. Prayer shawls are meant to bring comfort to the wearer, no matter which religion.

I would *love* to make one of these quarterly for church, but...given how long this one took me to knit, I will say "1 or 2 per year."


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sweet little sister said...

Seriously, such an intensive project is a real labor of love. I figure even those who don't believe in God have got to feel adored wrapped in such handmade coziness. Amazing!

Rebecca said...

It's lovely! And I, too, love the idea behind the prayer shawl. Do you crochet? It's like 100 times faster than knitting, lol. Maybe that would help you to make more if you like?