Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From the Work Basket: February

A little birdie reminded me that I had better get a work basket project posted before the end of the month, so here it is

either a really late or a really early tummy time mat (no, I am not pregnant). Remember this was a project to incorporate BT's virtually destroyed baby blanket into a new blanket for Hank. I was able to cut out a piece of fabric from the blanket with minimal staining to use as the backing for the play quilt.

When I left this project, the fabric was cut and the top about halfway done. The story book fabric was found quite some time ago in one of the $2 fabric bags at the thrift store. The fabric was, truly, scraps, so it was difficult to fussy cut pieces this small to show off the scenes and provide variety. Other fabrics from my stash.

Not much interest in tummy time any more

Remaining work basket projects (not in order)

- Quilt for my mom
- Sandwich wrap
- Carpet bag
- Tunic
- Apron repair
- Hooded towel repair
- Vest for Hank
- New bulletin board
- Men's shirt refashion
- Skirt

Completed projects:


Favorite of the day: Another of those "one of each, please" posts

Working on: Not much. I'm lazy.


Emy said...

It will still get used and loved. I recognize those fabrics from the scrap box you sent me. I've used a lot of them in patchwork lately.

Very Mary said...

And here's my project for the month!