Sunday, February 07, 2010

Be Mine.

So I've been going a little overboard making Hank's Valentine greetings (again).

I can't help it! It started with a random purchase of a package of temporary tattoos of hearts and roses. Then I saw these, which were perfect to go with the tattoo/bad boy image. Next, I saw this picture in Parents magazine

and thought hey, Hank could pull off that look. I was totally right, by the way

I gave him a cookie after this shot to compensate for impeding on his play time and to thank him for giving me the perfect sulk. I put the tattoos on the back of a wallet size print of the picture.

Next, I found out about these lovely Valentine cards (forget the source!)

They are really nice quality, and totally worth the price, but I could only afford to get them for Hank's cousins.

Suckers are cheap, though, and I've put together 42 guitars so far. 42! I didn't know we knew that many people! Since I'd already boarded the train headed to Crazy Town, I decided to use this idea, too, this year for a few of Hank's girlfriends using socks from the Target dollar section

Next year would somebody please tell me it's ok to just buy a box of Valentines from the dollar store and call it a day?

Favorite of the day: Ok - this freaks me out a bit

Working on: Listening to some great tunes that remind me of you all :)


Laurie Anne said...

Look out Billy Idol! :) You did a geat job!
Hank looks like a Rebel... xx

Very Mary said...
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Very Mary said...

Didja see these? 2009/02/valentines_day_ cards_free_down.php

海產 said...
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miss said...
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Rebecca said...

I love it! He's such a cutie pie and that is a PERFECT picture. He's getting so big! :)