Saturday, January 09, 2010

You don't understand - we waited 34 years to do this!

This past Furlough Friday we were treated to a trip to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure by a co-worker

As a sidenote - Don't pass up oh so obvious box of mac n' cheese at a White Elephant gift exchange 'cause you never know when somebody may use the box as a decoy to invite you to the Happiest Place on Earth :)

*Of course* Hank had a now rare crappy night of sleep the night before, so he was a crab all day. We also found that, unlike our last trip, he was not satisfied just looking at things. He spends his days on the move, and thus doesn't do well confined to his stroller or being held.

We tried to find places for him to run around, but it seemed like no matter where we put him, his first move was to run right in front of a group of people. Or climb up onto something.

Even a midday nap did not put him in a significantly better mood. Why were we so worried about his mood? Because *finally,* after 34 years, we got to eat at Blue Bayou.

It is the restaurant you float by when riding the Pirates of the Caribbean. For most of our lives, we were too poor to go there, either as kids or as newlyweds. Later in life, during trips to Disneyland with my parents, we only made it to the park on popular days, and could not get a reservation.

We still had a good time despite the toddler sweeping his arm across his eating mat so his puffs went flying, and the pricey food was actually quite good. It was fun listening to conversations from tables full of Disney nerds around us talking trivia.

We felt a little bad for all the BCS folks visiting the parks as things are totally torn up right now. The Rivers of America at the center of Disneyland was completely drained, and large fences were put up all around it. The same was true at California Adventure, with the center lake drained and large fences put up to hide several construction projects and to channel you through the park. I would hate if this was my first trip to the park and I could see was a bunch of fences!

The other less than desirable thing was seeing the park in limbo after Christmas. Some parts were totally cleared of Christmas, and others had remnants of decorations and the like. I was glad to see this squeal-worthy wreath near It's a Small World

Look at the cute wooden shoes! Anyway, we didn't mind these things because we do so few things at the parks now with Hank in tow. We are lucky to get in a few mind-altering rides before we are pooped out and ready to hit the road. And besides - this trip was FREE! Who could complain about that?


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Heidi said...

So can I be a total nerd and ask what you guys ordered at Blue Bayou? I'm glad to hear that you thought it was good food & worth the money, since I know it is pricey. When I was planning our trip last year I was reading and there is a debate there as to whether the food + the atmosphere is good enough to be worth the price.

Jennifer said...

I had the jambalaya and BT had the steak. The entrees come with soup or salad and really good sourdough rolls. The salad has sausage and bleu cheese and a homemade vinaigrette. It was a good salad versus just a handful of iceberg lettuce or something. The soup, a gumbo, was also good. I had no complaints about the jambalaya. The steak wasn't the best cut of meat, but it was ok. I guess the most popular item is the Monte Cristo sandwich, which sounded good, and is the least expensive thing on the menu,

I'm not saying it's a good value, but at least the food didn't suck. This was the first trip in awhile that I was kind of critical about the food at Disneyland. My apple fritters (a must have item) were raw inside, and our Mickey pretzel was overcooked and dry as a bone. The Dole whip was good!

I think we had such a romanticized view of the restaurant that we would have paid anything to go there. I would have been sad if the food was awful to have paid that much, but thankfully it was pretty decent.