Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, maybe it depends who you talk to

It appears that there is some debate amount my general level of preparedness

After posting yesterday about my inability to be prepared, I could hear my mom through the Internets, clucking her concurrence. This is the woman who knows I have forgotten my makeup bag, entire toiletry bag, all of Hank's clothing, food for Chuy, and numerous other things on trips to go visit her.
I received an email, though, from a friend who thinks I am the most prepared person she knows! She said she is always impressed at how I am ready for anything, particularly when it comes to Hank. What can I say - I'm an enigma.

One thing I know for sure we are not prepared for at all is a large earthquake. As residents of southern California, this is, of course, strongly encouraged. I do not know how to turn off the main gas line. We have no extra food or water here at the house. Our animals have tags, but do not wear them. I hope with BT's help we can soon figure out how to be better prepared for a terrible event (with the hope that one never happens).

There is one thing, though, that is even more important for me to have after an earthquake than any of these items and that is my glasses. Without them, I would have a hard time doing much after a disaster, as my vision is so poor. Of course a spare pair in an eventual earthquake preparedness kit would be good to have, particularly if my main pair was broken. But, I felt I needed to come with a way to have them at the ready next to the bed (as nighttime is presumably the only time they would not be on my face). Glasses left on the (glass!) shelf above my bed would probably not be there after a quake.

I made a little pocket to fit under the mattress to hold my glasses at night. This would probably work better with a mattress - box spring combo, but we have a platform bed. The rest of the holder you cannot see that goes under the mattress is fairly long, so it would take a lot of movement to dislodge it.

It is a small step in terms of overall earthquake preparedness, but has already helped me feel better about putting my glasses away at night.


Favorite of the day: Got my own ideas brewing today

Working on: Hank's belated Christmas present


Jane said...

This is a great idea. I have been thinking about the "big one" on so many levels with watching the news about Haiti.

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I just got a 12.00 new glasses here ( ) and I LOVE THEM!! You could get some for every room and NEVER worry again!!

jek-a-go-go said...

losing my glasses is prolly my biggest fear. we've got food, we've got water. we've got an emergency plan and i think i can turn off the gas but losing my glasses? yikes!

Very Mary said...

That would also be brilliant for the remote.