Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wishing a special friend a happy birthday

Hopefully long term readers know of my love for Japanese kawaii and visiting American versions of 100 Yen stores. There are too many archived posts to link to expressing love for said Japanese cuteness.

My best friend's daughter is turning one this month. They live in Japan, and darling Natasha is part Japanese. What better way to celebrate her birthday than a party pack with Japanese influence?

I had one more onesie left over from this effort, which I embellished with a felt cherry blossom and the number 1. A matching crown was made for the birthday girl as well.

We also sent some pretty Asian lanterns, a Japanese party game, a little pressie Hank picked out for his girlfriend (one of many, I assure you), and a few other pretty pink party accessories. Say that three times fast.

I have had these two picks and Chinese paper cut gift tag in my stash for quite some time. I am usually not so generous to adorn a package with three special items, but that just shows how much we love our little friend.

Favorite of the day: Nothing new - thankfully. I am on idea overload

Working on: Assembling our latest piece of DIY furniture, wondering if we will ever be able to afford something we don't have to put together with an Allen wrench.


Emy said...

Oh that card is breathtaking! What a lucky baby!

juliekintaiwan said...

What a gorgeous package! Happy New Year!

sweet little sister said...

Ooooo so cute! I'm sure they will squeal in delight, opening such a thoughtful, darling gift. Let's just hope that you get a fair amount of photos of the birthday girl in her baby glory <3 Hank's Girlfriend (;•D oooh la la!