Sunday, January 31, 2010

From the Work Basket: January

Here is a new monthly feature I'd like to introduce that involves this basket

which is filled with a variety of projects, mostly sewing related, that have been sitting around for some time. Don't worry - these are not my only unfinished craft projects. There are plenty more stashed throughout my craft room in various stages of completion. But, this bin sits out in the open, and is a daily reminder of my failure to finish (many) projects.

Counting through the projects in the the bin, there were exactly 12. Coincidence? Pinky swear I did not add or subtract any projects before deciding to undertake this endeavor. Some projects will be easy (mending), and some, like my mom's quilt, will push my crafting and time management skills to the limit. I am glad there is a mix of easy and more difficult projects. There are also a lot of apparel projects, which are not my forte, so we'll see. Should be a challenge on may fronts to complete all of these projects before the end of the year.

The inaugural January project was a pair of pants I intended to finish before Hank was born. They were cut out and ready to go, but that's how things go sometimes. They may be a little short now, but with the elastic waistband they will be comfy for my little pot-bellied boy.

Here are the rest of the projects I will be completing this year - one per month (in no particular order)

- Quilt for my mom
- Unfinished baby quilt (using BT's baby blanket)
- Sandwich wrap
- Carpet bag
- Tunic
- Apron repair
- Hooded towel repair
- Vest for Hank
- New bulletin board
- Men's shirt refashion
- Skirt

If you would like to join along with your unfinished projects, let me know!


Favorite of the day: Sooo perfect for our Valentine theme this year!

Working on: I didn't forget about you, ladies!


Very Mary said...

I love it! I have a cubby with unfinished sewing projects and will happily sew along with you! Even better, my "word of the year" is finish. So this aligns most perfectly with my goal! Thank you!

Sarabeth said...

Me too! I have a bin like that too! For January, can I count this:
an outfit I needed to shorten the legs of for my baby; I procrastinated so long that now it fits her just fine!
(my word verification for this comment is "begnim"--almost begin, it must be a sign...

Jennifer said...

Sounds perfect, ladies!