Monday, January 18, 2010

Extra good - if you warn them first

Isn't it interesting that some food items claiming to be reserved for refined palettes often need a disclaimer to make you understand that what you are tasting really is good?

Caviar and escargot come to mind. Not that I've had either, mind you, but in the "real world" it seems they would be things you would spit back out upon tasting. Tell us this is what rich people eat, and we triple the price tag and claim to enjoy these items immensely.

The same could probably be said of these cookies. I was inspired to recreate some shortbread I tried at a local Farmer's market, and found this recipe online. My only addition was a teaspoon of cinnamon and with that they came out pretty darn close to the originals. With so much salt (or fleur de sel - aren't we refined), though, in the recipe (and a little sprinkled on top), it becomes necessary to explain to people that you intended the cookie to taste that way. The salt in theory draws out the cocoa flavor. Or it just tastes like baked playdough.

So far nobody has spit them out, and they claim to like them immensely.


Favorite of the day: Looks like the kind of country-specific treasures that would show up at kiosk kiosk one day.

Working on: Nothing. Today was supposed to be a banner day on the crafting front - a day home alone. A project primed and ready to go. A sick kid had other plans for me.


Steph said...

I have some "sweet n' salty drops" drop-sugar cookies I make that require a warning. Nobody objects to the taste, it's just surprising when you're only expecting to bite into a regular sugar cookie. :)

sweet little sister said...

Mmmmm! Thank you a million times for these sweet treats! I shared them with my small houseful of guests & we all loved your cookies :) You are so very thoughtful! I am always charmed by you & Hank! I look forward to our adventure & keeping up with your latest via blog. I hadn't visited in awhile & it's been my loss (thankfully I can catch up!) xoxo JW you are one of a kind <3