Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Marking year number 8 as husband and wife

The "traditional" gift for this anniversary was either bronze or pottery. I went with pottery, and hope BT does as well (bronze roses???? I'll find out this evening.) I found this idea on one of those cheesy sites selling things, like, well, bronze roses, that suggested giving coffee mugs with a note that you would like to share a moment during the hectic mornings with your significant other.

Our mornings are altogether too hectic, with one or both of us usually running late, and the bulk of getting Hank ready for school falling on (ahem) yours truly. It would be great to streamline our routine to wake up before the little one does in order to do our morning chores and to share a cup of joe. But, the reality is that we are night owls who continually push our bed time back for Netflix watching, game playing, or crafting. Sometimes one of us gets up early, but usually we wait for our little alarm clock to sound before dragging ourselves out of bed.

As a sidenote, did you know that consistently waking up before the sun is a genetic mutation? I'm just saying...

BT thought a better use for the mugs for us (purchased for 25 cents each, and fulfilling my long held thrifting goal for to find Japanese nesting mugs!) would be to share a cup of decaf after dinner. That sounds nice, too, and more our style. Croissants are optional.


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小湘 said...
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urban craft said...

Congrats on 8 years. This is beautiful and sweet.
I have huge problems waking up in the morning, even if the sun is up.

Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary!

leslie said...

happy anniversary to my favorite couple!! hope we can get you guys out on a real date sometime!!