Sunday, January 03, 2010

33 1/3

Probably the favorite Christmas gift 'round these parts for adults and baby alike is our new record player

We already had quite the vinyl collection, with a bin full of Hawaiiana/Tijuana Brass/Exotica records we picked up for the most part in one thrift store outing. Somebody had good taste in music.

The other bin is BT's dad's vinyl collection, and is your standard classic rock (The Doors, CCR, etc.) with a few that make you wish you could ask the man himself how they came to be part of the collection - like Claudine. And more Tijuana Brass. Odd coincidence, or did BT receive an early indoctrination into jet set pop?

The player is really neat. It has built in speakers, and does not require a receiver. It also can plug into your computer so you can record the records. I don't know if it is the nostalgia factor or what, but it is so nice to sit and listen to records - pops, hisses and all. Even if you do have to get up every 20 minutes to turn them over.

Favorite of the day: Melting snowman cookie (via Junior Society)

Working on: I've been kinda nervous about changes at work, so can't focus on much else.

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