Monday, December 14, 2009

Wreath 2.0 - Now with more bling!

Our wreath seemed a little ho hum to me, so I added some glitz

I wish I could have found one more large glittered leafy piece for the bottom, and I am sorry that poor Santa had to go. Hank likes wreath version 2.0 'cause it has jingle bells.

I went to Michaels with my co-worker (a non-crafter) to buy the rest of my bling, but didn't really tell her what I was looking for. When we walked down the aisle with all the holiday picks, she exclaimed - What do people DO with all this stuff? I replied - Make tacky wreaths, of course.


Favorites of the day: Cute! Clever! Stylish! OMG - I'm moving to Germany stat!

Working on: My own nuttiness - another felt creation and accessories that have to be shipped out tomorrow.

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