Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wishing our home remodel went this smoothly

Last year around this time, I bought a lovely "holiday home fixer upper" kit from Little Pink Studio (blog here - shop here)

Like our real house, it pretty much sat untouched for a year. Then, in a flurry of activity, things started to happen - in one house, at least.

Windows were replaced. Exterior was repainted and beglittered. Trees were dyed. Fake snow* was added. Ah - finally a house I can call home.

* I was too lazy to run out to get that chalky fake snow stuff. Instead, I used a glue gun and then purposefully painted it sloppily with white paint. More glitter was added, naturally.


Favorite of the day: Hank is still blissfully unaware of who Cookie Monster and the gang are, but if he one day declares "me want cookie," this will be the party for him

Working on: Jam!

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mascanlon said...

Oh I am so wishing I had bought that house kit too! Its adorable. I am also really impressed by how cool all your stockings are coming out. The craft projects, very nice and doable, I'm going to be trying the playdough too! I have 8 adult stockings but only one little girl, just a bit older than Hank!