Wednesday, December 09, 2009

We chickened out.

When I planned last year's tree, I intended to get a full-sized tree

Knowing it would be challenging to have the tree in place with a toddler waddling around, I had planned to cover it in tons of white lights, but only have a few ornaments gracing the top of the tree.

The intent was that the ornaments would be woodland creatures made out of natural materials (that was the key element of this theme - not to just use any woodland creature themed ornament, but those made from feathers, pinecones, wood, fabric, etc.) and that the animals would be peeking out from the top of the tree.

Well, the reality a year later is that I have a super curious one year old, who pays particular attention to anything new or different in his environment. I imagined constantly wrangling pieces of tree, lights, and ornaments out of his grasp, and grew weary just from the thought. The clincher for getting a small tree was that I read some crazy story about a baby who had somehow inhaled a piece of the family Christmas tree, which was discovered months later after a few bouts of pneumonia (seriously - how do kids survive the early years?)

So - small tree on a table it is. I like the oversized tree topper, and, even though it is small, it still has many strands of lights on it. The presents are wrapped in brown paper and baker's twine.

Most of the "creature" ornaments were bought last year on clearance from Cost Plus and Target. There are a couple of old school feathered birds from my mom's tree.

There are four homemade ornaments - the mushroom, squirrel, acorn, and pinecone. The pinecone came out looking a little too much like a fabric wrapped turd for my liking, but maybe nobody else will look at it with that level of scrutiny.

Next year's theme tree will be over the top fabulous - probably the one on my list that I am most excited to make! I will have to scout out all the after Christmas sales to make it work.

Previous theme trees:

~ 2008: Retro modern
~ 2007: Swedish
~ 2006: Scrap craft
~ 2005: Tropical
~ 2004: Cowboy


Favorite of the day: I just knew somebody would do this project this year!

Working on: Well, the jam was a little bit of a flop, but so much fun to make. Syrup, anyone?

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