Thursday, December 03, 2009

Must do.

When I save my "favorite of the day" posts in Google reader,I try to remember to label them to provide for easier searching later

One label, Must Do, is reserved for squeal inducing craft projects (of course, there is also a Must Buy label for swoon inducing products). This project was marked as a must do.

As you may recall, I work in the waste reduction field. I knew these notebooks, made of reclaimed items from our office, would be perfect for my employees. They are made from scratch paper printed on one side (folded inward so that side is not showing as you flip through the pages), a poster we had about oil, and some old folders that have since been reprinted.

The cost to bind them was less than $3 apiece. My husband works for a company that gives hefty monetary bonuses to its employees. Sadly, as a government employee, this is all I can offer my worker bees. Maybe I'll throw in a plate of cookies.


Favorite of the day: the cuteness is k i l l i n g me!! (via Bloesem)

Working on: Dozens of gifts to make on the to do list, but taking some time to make something for me.

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