Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Much better

The drive to Arizona went much better thanks to two things - 1) Turning Hank to face forward in his car seat (lots of "wha dats?") and 2) a car cooler, which was used for carrying more filling snacks. Still took longer than usual to get here due to traffic, but we made it without getting completely frazzled.

Hank is enjoying Nana's collection of animatronic Christmas plushies (you know, the annoying Hallmark creations that play a song when you push a button) and tearing through the giant pile of presents under the tree.


Favorite of the day: Great list

Working on: I at least have to finish the hat...!

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Anonymous said...

Hooray :) I'm glad the trip went well! I can defintiley sympathize with you, having your baby face front! The twins just turned face front too & LOVE IT! They were getting pretty difficult about getting in the car & going *anywhere* in the old backwards baby seats. Good riddance! I'm sure this will be a magical holiday for Hank & in turn for you too! Christmas with little ones is such a blessing <3 I love reading your blog & hope I can draw on your wealth of knowledge for some projects upcoming. Have a beautiful Christmas Jennifer, xoxo kayla