Saturday, December 19, 2009

Make new friends

We have some new folks on our Christmas list this year

New friends, a pastor, and of course the awesome staff at Hank's school. It is challenging to come up with a gift for teachers. On one hand, you want something meaningful and/or cute - possibly handmade. But, I'm sure with time teachers accumulate too much stuff, cute or not, and really don't know what to do with the new stuff coming in.

So, I decided to go the gift card route for the two main teachers (for Kohls - these are the Starbucks gift card holders from a few years ago). For the staff, I added chocolate ornaments to a little mini tree and made a tree topper using Hank's Santa photo.

Overall, though, I feel I can't repay a group of people that wipe my kid's ass 3 days a week, and somehow manage to do it with a smile.


Favorite of the day: I love every single one of these. I have a whole year to decide, but I am leaning towards this one for next year.

Working on: Our first overnight trip post Hank!!

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