Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How I managed to spend 125% at an after Christmas sale...

I had good luck at K-mart the day after Christmas shopping with my mom. I bought several items from the Whimsical Workshop line (on sale), hoping to have a sewing themed tree in my craft room next year. The K-mart in Arizona didn't have this ornament, however

So I set off to find it at our local K-mart. Two, actually. I found it at the further/ghettoriffic store on one of the sample trees that were set up on the store floor. It had a price tag on it, so I figured no problem. I didn't set out to buy any of the school-themed ornaments, but saw these two

also on a theme tree and thought they would be cute as gift tags to adorn presents to Hank's future teachers.

On the way out, I saw these gorgeous ribbons originally priced at 99 cents

which I hadn't seen at the other two stores I had visited, so popped them in the basket.

I wasn't paying too much attention as everything was rung up, as I was on one of those post-shopping and finding exactly what I was looking for highs. In the parking lot I looked and realized the ornaments had all rung up full price, and the ribbon had rung up for 25% more than what was marked right on the friggin' roll!

I went back in and walked the length of the store to Customer Service. There was a line of about 30 people waiting, which is odd, considering Kmart's crappy return policy. Without a receipt, even if their damn tag is right on the thing, you cannot exchange the item, even for something else in that department, and certainly not for store credit. So, apparently everyone else was fortunate enough to have receipts for their items, as I had already waited in that line during another trip to get the bad news.

I go back to the Garden Center, but there is a different checker there now. In scanning the items, she confirms that those are the prices. Are those the prices they are supposed to be, or what they are ringing up at? I asked. I was told that Martha Stewart is very expensive, and that it never goes on sale. I had a whole bag of stuff at home that proved differently. I pointed out that stores selling stuff for higher than it is marked is illegal in California, to which I was requested to go wait in the never-ending customer service line.

It wasn't worth the few bucks to do so, but just for the record I am pretty pissed at K-mart right now. I suspect the tree ornaments had different price tags than those on the shelves, and hadn't been marked down in their computer system. The ribbon is a bit of a mystery, but again not worth it to pursue with another K-mart drone. Without Martha there, I probably wouldn't have any reason to shop at K-mart next year anyway. At least I will have a cute sewing themed tree as a remembrance of the K-mart years. Oh, and a purse.


Favorite of the day: I'm not going to link to it, as it is kinda personal, but Matt - your account of the last decade made me teary eyed. Hugs to you and the famdamily.

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Emy said...

I bought the same ornament. I love it so much!
I was surprised that Kmart had cute ornaments at all. It sucks that they ripped you off though.

CC said...

You were treated terribly and that shouldn't happen in any store. They absolutely robbed you..and that's so not right. There's plenty of other places to shop and after that incident,I would never go back to that store..

Slack said...

The Martha stuff does go on sale after Christmas...I've bought it before. And the Martha stuff is my only reason for shopping at K-Mart. This year's selection at my store was very slim (thinking maybe they are phasing her out).

I bought some of that 99 cent ribbon early in the season. Some of the ribbon in the bin had black marker over the 99 cent price and $2.49 written over it. The ribbon I liked was not "corrected" and still had the 99 cent imprint. When I went to pay, it rang up for $2.49. I pointed out that 99 cents was printed on the roll and got a price adjustment. Why K-Mart would ever think that a sharpie price "tag" would work is beyond me!

Sorry you had a terrible experience.

Mommy, I'm Home said...

As Rainman said, "Kmart sucks...."