Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday greetings

We had a professional photo shoot this year for Hank's 1st birthday

Jen Disney is just the best photographer! I think we scored bonus points with her for showing up with matching Cons and a giant balloon (which sailed away halfway through the shoot - guess who was holding it at the time? Nope, not him).

Jen made two un-photogenic adults and a hungry/cranky/teething baby look great

The photo shoot took place at Shoreline Village here in Long Beach

which has all sorts of fun elements and great colors

There is also a carousel, photo booth, and coin operated ride-ons

Since I like to give Christmas cards that are also gifts, I made ornaments using one of our favorite shots.

Not that I really expect anybody but my parents to put this on their tree...but, you know - it's the thought that counts.

(BTW, the envelopes and card bases used in this project, from Paper Source, were intended to be for Hank's birth announcements - a project that wasn't even a blip on the screen once he arrived.)

Favorite of the day: Just add them to the Paper Source wish list (after seeing Hillary's completed version here)

Working on: Odds and ends - neglecting my big project. Again.


Jenn said...

omg! Hank is so darn adorable!

Great pics!

Junie Moon said...

Hank is simple wonderful and I love all the pictures as well as the fantastic card you made. You always do such amazing and creative work, simply marvelous.

LeeAnn said...

Little boys with little jeans are so cute! I loved that they are cuffed up! I'll take note to have the birth announcements done before the baby arrives (minus the details) or better yet, make my sister do them!

Heidi said...

What great photos! I especially love the one of Hank on those turquoise stairs. The matching shoes are cute too!

I Am Very Mary said...

Just perfectly perfect in every single way!

Heidi said...

Wow, he's such a big boy already! They grow up so fast. Wonderful photos.