Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting better

As mentioned, we have a tradition of preparing the stockings for BT's family for Santa (aka BT) to pass out on Christmas Eve


The family gets bigger and bigger each year. This year we will be making stockings for 13 adults and 12 kids! Typically I have bought 3 items for each adult stocking and 4 for the kids. Also included in the stockings are an orange, a candy cane, and chocolate fun size candy.

(store bought)

As I was shopping for stocking stuffers this year, two things became apparent: One, that I would have to cut back on the number of items in each stocking to save money (shooting for 2 items for adults and 3-4 for kids) and two, I didn't want to get a bunch of cheap China crap.

So, I started thinking of easy things I could make, and quickly came up with a fun and easy list. Once I started working on the projects, I was amazed at how quickly I could turn things out. Most of the projects were completed in less than an hour (for example, the playdough - cooked, dyed, and packaged in 1 hour flat).

In addition to what is seen here, I will be making spiced nuts for the men and fudge for the women closer to Christmas. Here are the items made for the kids + tutorials/sources:

- For my oldest niece, Sarah, I found an unadorned t-shirt on clearance for $2 at Ross and added a rhinestone applique.

- I bought a kit from this etsy seller to make Sarah some ribbon covered barrettes.

- For the two oldest boys, I printed out a set of wind boats and made a toothpick mounted start flag and finish ribbon to tape onto the floor. The purchased car kits are also for them.

- For my second oldest niece, I made a hot mitt (no pattern) and a drawstring bag to hold a set of Christmas cookie making supplies found at the Target dollar spot.

- For the kids in the 1-5 year age range, I made playdough and chunky crayons.

- For two younger girls I made some felt covered barrettes.

- For my youngest niece, I made a fabric block with a reclaimed chime inside (no pattern).

- For the youngest boy, I made a little square comfort blanket with a ribbon loop (no pattern)

I estimate I will spend about $60 total (not including the oranges and candy) on the stocking stuffers. Not bad for 25 people! I feel good about the store bought stuff, too - not too junky.

I guess we'll have to tell everybody that Santa put his elves back to work this year versus outsourcing overseas!


Favorite of the day: Battery free robots

Working on: Tree and front door decor

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Awesome jen!!! I am taking notes!!!