Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Finished with the odds and ends

It will be a Christmas miracle if the two mama-made presents for Hank get completed, but at least everything else is done. The final stocking stuffers for the adults

Fudge for the women

and almond toffee for the men

I'm going to guess that the Ho Ho Ho bags and gift labels used for these two packages are - hmmm - circa 1999. Why am I such a packrat?? But, it was nice this year using mostly gift wrap I had on hand. And, I freed some space up to buy even more stuff!

I wasn't going to put together anything for BT's siblings, as we typically do not exchange gifts (and they get mad at me for giving my dorky little things.) But, I had some of the syrup jars left over, and decided to put the pancake mix in a bag this time (versus the jar used here)

You may recognize the wrapping style used for the pancake mix from the January issue of Martha Stewart magazine. Need a refresher? It was used for the Ginger Bath Soak

I couldn't help it - this was such a cute way to present cello bagged items, and the soak recipe given so easy to make (this is for BT's cousin who will be with us on Christmas Eve).
So, enough dilly-dallying and on to the hard fun stuff!


Favorite of the day: How have I lived without this amazing invention?

Working on: One last work party - I'm all partied out...

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I Am Very Mary said...

I used up all my old gift wrap this year, too! And then I hit the 50% off sales for more paper. However, I did select paper that's rather benign and can be used year round!