Monday, December 21, 2009

Art Box

Another "must do" project from my Google Reader Favorites list was assembling an art box like Sally's (versions 1 and 2)

This one was made for the littlest Bluebird. Though I had a lot of cool elements on hand to fill the box - odds and ends accumulated over the years - I did have a hard time finding the perfect box (The one I got is from Walmart).

I do wish it had more compartments in the top layer, and of course multiple layers would be even better. I have a feeling it will soon be a beautiful mess regardless of how it is set up, once Lizzie adds her special treasures to it.


Favorite of the day: The inside is just as perfect as the outside!

Interesting tidbit: We always joke that it's funny that sugar is considered healthy. Turns out the alternative, HFCS, really is evil.

Working on: Debating if I should finish my "odds and ends" or go back to the big project. I'm leaning towards odds and ends...

1 comment:

leslie said...

Lizzie says THANK YOU JEN!! she has been toting her tote box everywhere, great gift!!! Hope you have a wonderful christmas in arizona!!