Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why there was pink at Hank's birthday party

A question I had to answer from my macho husband (and some of you may have been asking as well). Because, I said, I got this cute vintage centerpiece from Leslie

and I wanted to use it.

Here it is assembled (sidenote: flowers are crazy expensive!)

I copied the animal images to make felt shapes to edge the tablecloth like I did at the Halloween party

The flag bunting was inspired by this, but rendered in felt

Although the primary colors for the party were baby blue, orange, goldenrod, and - er - pink, the balloons I bought

(red, white, baby blue, and yellow) were inspired by an apartment complex I pass on the way to work. They always have a bunch of balloons out front in these colors, and it reminds me of a circus.

Hank's "colossal cupcake"

was store bought (with some animal crackers thrown on)

and I added frosting, sprinkles, and iced animal cookies (and pink strawberry ice cream)

to the cake the rest of us ate.

The favors

were circus inspired. They were not, however, the most perfect little gumball machines I saw at Dollar Tree while I was there shopping for the Halloween party but were not there when I went shopping for this party. Why have I not learned that when you see something totally awesome - GRAB IT!

Finally, I made Hank a birthday crown from Amanda's first book

Here it is on the birthday boy

So hopefully that answers the question about the pink. It was there because it was gd adorable, that's why!


Jenn said...

How cute! I absolutely love it! You did such a super job :)

Laurie Anne said...

Adorable! My hubby used to question pink until I bought him a pink golf shirt and embroidered a skull and crossbone pattern in black on it. He got so many compliments on the shirt...he stopped wondering "what it was about pink"
Awesome party decorations and goodies! Hank is so sweet! xx

leslie said...

oh my gosh! i am so behind in my blog reading!!! thanks for inviting us to your cool party, we had a blast and i have lots of fun pictures of hank, the girls and chuy,