Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fuyu! Who says you can't bake with persimmons? Oh wait...

We are starting to get some more Fallish produce in our CSA box, including persimmons

These are the "Fuyu" variety, which, it was revealed during an internet search, are not typically used in baking (those are the Hachiya variety).

I can't say I have ever had a persimmon before. The flavor is not bad, but since it is not a flavor I am accustomed to, I can't say it is something I would want to eat very often. I would certainly have a hard time eating one "like an apple," as various sites suggested.

As I could not find a recipe I liked using the Fuyus, I figured I would try a recipe made for apples and replace the apples with persimmons. I found the perfect recipe through one of my favorite food bloggers - Smitten Kitchen. They came out great

but -- *fingers crossed* that none of the following occur:

WTF?!! In theory these muffins would have been for Hank, but I don't really feel like risking any of these afflictions for him. So now they are destined for co-workers -- with appropriate warning labels displayed.

(note: I know they are fine - particularly this variety does not have the same side effects as its cousins. When you see side effects like these, they make persimmons seem like Gremlins - you can have them, but you have to follow all the rules.)


Favorite of the day: Ok - I'm impressed (via Neatorama)

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Emy said...

My sister had a bezoar. Interesting. I never knew whether to believe her or not.

Anna said...

Hi there - delurking after having been a long-time reader to say that we used to get this kind of persimmons when I was a kid. We would freeze them for a couple of days, and then eat them as they were thawing. There was something about the combination of the cold and the ice reforming into water that made them taste much better than just straight from the tree (bush?).