Friday, November 20, 2009


Cool retro jar of marshmallow fluff found at Cost Plus

I love that "fluff" is imprinted on the jar.

Other fluff ~

~ I was going to do a post about Blessing Mix for Thanksgiving, but these gals beat me to it.

~ Thinking about doing some printables this year for stockings (reduce the cheap China factor)

~ I think I have everything on hand to make this awesomeness, time permitting (squeal!)

~ A new favorite blog (Yes it is sponsored by a perfume. I give YSL props for reaching its target audience using popular social media). I have never been to France, but I am reading A Homemade Life, and loving all things French through Molly's eyes. I hope she would approve of this list.

~ Keep an eye out for free book offers from Shutterfly. I received one through Trip Advisor (wrote a review of a local restaurant) and only have to pay for shipping, which was $8 (the book was a $25 value). The book turned out AMAZING! Some folks use these for kid's books - alphabet, people in my family, etc.


janay said...
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eviedee said...

You always have the best links! Those printable houses are so awesome!!

Tricia Pendergrass said...

Oh I love jar mixed with 8 oz of cream cheese makes a great fruit dip!
I looked through your blog...what patterns did you use to make the music paper covered ornaments in Dec '06? Those are just darling!

Jennifer said...

Hi Tricia - The basic birdhouses were paper mache ornaments from Michaels. I just covered them in sheet music using mod podge and added all the glitz using a glue gun. They were pretty easy to make (love it when that happens!)