Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chicky Friend gets a new lease on life

Poor Chicky Friend.

In the beginning he was a valuable ally to entertain a restless baby. For the last 6 months or so, however, he has been laying under our bed collecting dust. I knew he was there, but never bothered to retrieve him.

But now - his services are needed once again - to protect the fingers of a little boy who finds it great fun to slam his bedroom door - fingers inserted between door and jamb, naturally. I saw this product in an issue of Parents magazine and thought - I can do that, and know just the toy to sacrifice employ. I stitched a ring of elastic onto Hank's old friend and slipped him into place during nap time.

Chicky friend serves his new duty well. His foot and wing stick into the doorway, preventing a slammed door, and his presence instantly brought a smile to Hank's face.


Favorite of the day: Oldie but a goodie

Working on: Too much at once - Thanksgiving prep, Christmas presents, and planning stocking stuffers.

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Michelle G said...

he is so cute