Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Are we sick of Halloween yet?

Just one last post, and then moving on. I wanted to share a last minute idea I had to throw together a super simple costume

I had the black capris, hoop earrings, and Cons, and my mom had the black and white t-shirt which I have permanently confiscated. I used Hank's "play silk" for my head wrap. Argh - I'm a pirate. Feeling quite pleased with myself, I have come up with a series of costumes that can be made using the basic outfit as a base

A ladybug

Easy ladybug costume
Bat girl
Easy rockabilly bat costume

A gondolier

Easy gondolier costume
Easy bandit costume

and (as suggested by Shanna) a Beatnik
Easy beatnik costume
Not sure if I will try out the alternate versions in coming years, or if that will be too boring. But, at least I know I have something to fall back on in a pinch!


Favorite of the day: I think I favorited this idea at some point, but could not find it.

Working on: Too many things at once!


telfair said...

I love it!!

kdmade said...

I heart the gondolier!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you totally clever!! Love the variety, but def agree, the gondolier is the best of the bunch <3