Friday, October 30, 2009

Well, geez

It was a good run, but I missed posting yesterday. Too tired, I suppose, after making a 6-hour turned 8-hour trip with a grumpy little boy.

Today I did a few party preparations, like mini caramel apples

Sunbutter and jelly bat-wiches

and cupcakes. No, they are not these cupcakes. We had some -- issues. {Ahem}

Tomorrow is the day!

Favorite of the day: Gorgeous (via Decor8)

Working on: An AZ tradition - Sonic date night!


Anonymous said...

Sunbutter... hmmm.... I looked it up. Is it good?! Is it pricey? Do you get it because of a peanut allergy? Can Hank eat it already (I realize nuts are not really on baby approved food lists) I'm highly intrigued here & want to know more! I happen to LOVE peanut butter & as a protein seeking vegetarian, pb is def part of my food pyramid. A variation on the theme sounds promising to me.
:) kayla
the caramel apples turned out darling!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Hank is adorable and you are still ver Martha-ish!!
Mini caramel apples? So cute!