Friday, October 23, 2009


I don't have an exact playlist for the party, as that is BT's department, and I am pretty sure none exists to date.

It inevitably will include such classics as The Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, and bands such as Oingo Boingo and The Ghastly Ones. I will also be referring BT to this great list.

As we are approaching Hank's 1st birthday, some of you may be curious as to how we did with our no battery goal for year one. I think we did pretty well overall - with one exception. We ended up being gifted with 2 small toys that were attached to two playmats, a See and Say, and a t-shirt that makes a frog sound. No large noise-making toys (no exersaucers!), no monitor, and no batteries were used for our swing or other baby gear.

Then along came the Shaker. I can't remember now why we went this route versus having an MP3 player and speaker dock in his room. In any case, this is one of Hank's favorite "toys." He has learned how to turn it on and off, which of course does not mean turning it on for some time and then off when he is finished listening to it, but rather pushing the button over and over and over again. The player makes fun sounds when you turn it on or change songs, and has pretty good sound. And - it eats through batteries like crazy. They are just little AAAs, but still. I still feel pretty good about our battery usage, but know this keeps us from being able to call Hank a battery free baby...

Favorite of the day: Love it!

Working on: A little side costume project

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Shanna said...

jerrett has the sans disc shaker and loves it! heck! i love it too! he got it from santa claus last year and it's been a daily thing for him. he's got all his fav songs (70s rock and d.j. tiesto) on there and i don't have to worry about him using my nano