Friday, October 02, 2009

Trial Run

So Hank is going to be...

I figured with the hair, it would be an easy look for him to pull off. Tonight we had a test run of the costume for a local event, and we will need to make a few tweaks before Halloween. One thing we may not be able to avoid is people thinking he is Peter Pan. Peter Pan doesn't rock the ocarina like Link. Enough said.

Favorite of the day: Not online yet, but the Ikea Christmas stuff is even more awesome than usual!! Linen throws and pillows with subtle stripes, treat cones, and sandwich trays. Yes - sandwich trays.

Working on: Invites


Sarah said...

Now I cannot wait until we make the trip to the chicago IKEA to buy the kitchen cabinets.

mascanlon said...

I do love Ikea and will be hanging out there with a long list for sure.