Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Although I think of myself as an eco minded person, one (I wish there was just one) area I fall short is making environmentally preferrable purchases for parties.

I typically start my shopping at the dollar store and load up on cheap disposables. I suppose the justification is that the event only happens once per year, so what's the big deal? Of course, people across the country are also celebrating events and throwing away all of their junk, too. So yeah - it is a big deal.

Well *some day* I'll throw a party that does not include any cheap China crap. This party will just have some environmental touches. Like making an everyday tablecloth more festive by adding felt embellisments, inspired by those sold on this inspirational eco friendly party supply site. Baby steps.


Favorite of the day: So awesome! And suddenly not just a throwaway item!

Working on: Favor bags


rayandsuzie said...

Thanks very much for linking to our site and for the nice comments! Your pumpkin tablecloth is adorable and we are happy to inspire parents to think outside the convenience a dollar store can bring. Way to go on 'greening' one of the most wasteful occasions that happens throughout the year. Green doesn't mean more expensive and you've proved this with your awesome post. Have a great party this Halloween!!

co-founder Green Planet Parties

Laurie Anne said...

What a sweet tablecloth and a great link! I have always managed to keep garbage at bay by using real dishware for adult parties and using laminate dishes (I have a collection) for kid parties. I always use regular glassware for adults and acrylic cups for the kids...regular cutlery at all times. As for table covering and napkins...always cloth.

Mind you...I have other areas where I lack the 'green' but everyday is a learning day isn't it.

stop by for a visit!

telfair said...

Thanks for the link...I really admire your consistency about looking for alternatives to the traditional 'use and throw away' attitude so prevalent in our society.

Also love your tablecloth. Bet if you put a few of those on Etsy they'd go like hotcakes. ;)

Jennifer said...

It would be good to have those things on hand, Laurie Ann.