Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweets for the Sweets

The ubiquitous candy table

It seems every party has one these days. I have a lot of great jars and such that could have made this amazing, but this is a) for kids and b) at a park, teetering over a slab of pavement, so plastic fit the bill. The empty dishes and containers will be filled with chocolate/candy that I do not want to risk transporting through the desert.

So - the peanut butter kisses. Didn't you just gag when you received these trick-or-treating? Houses passing out peanut butter kisses were definitely put on the potential t.p. list. But now I realize how crazy cool they are, since they are Mary Janes in disguise.


Favorite of the day: Bocadillo de los muertos

Working on: Taking the night off


Jenn said...

pb kisses are my favorite! Of course, those mini chocolate bars are good too. And the resse cups. And the....

Heidi said...

Oh I have to laugh at your line about gagging when getting the Mary Janes..because when we were kids, my brothers and I christened those "Peanut Butter Gags"--they were universally hated! Now of course I think they're great for their vintage appeal and plain black/orange design, but back then we hated them and immediately threw them away once we dumped out our Trick or Treat loot. :)