Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Put up, or shut up

*Fortunately* BT had never heard that canning is also referred to "putting up"

Otherwise he would have told me to (insert title of post here) about a dozen times as I hemmed and hawed this past weekend about what to do with the 2 dozen apples we had sitting on our counter.

Now that we have entered the late summer/early fall season, our CSA produce is prolific, and more items have the potential for being stored if one plans accordingly - and knows what the hell they are doing. I had canned a few items in the past with much guidance, but honestly this time around reading the directions for the entire process set my head spinning. Not to mention that I needed a solid block of time away from my little shadow.

Well, after telling myself to (insert title of post here), I decided to get to work. I wanted to make apple pie filling after reading this post. Again, indecision about not having the right equipment, not quite enough apples, not enough stamina - but I had to get it done. Here is the result (second row from the bottom)

What a funny little cabinet, you may be thinking. We have two of them, and as near as I can figure, they are made for canned items, as nothing else of importance will fit in the narrow space (though as you can see I try to store some vases and the like in here). I like to imagine a past owner of our tiny house telling his wife to (insert title of post here), and then saying See - I even made you a cabinet to store your damn jars, so quit yer bitchin'!

Favorite of the day: I had these kind of experiences before I had a kid...what am I in for once Hank is old enough to join me in the kitchen?

Working on: Smoothie pops for the little shadow

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