Saturday, October 31, 2009

Party time!

(he must have known it wasn't his real birthday - not a single bite of cake was eaten!)

Thank you for joining us this month! Back to our regular spotty posting!

Favorite of the day: One last party theme

Working on: Getting ready to make the l-o-n-g drive back


Coleen said...

Looks like it was a blast! It was fun seeing all your posts, and Hank is just a cutie pie!

mascanlon said...

Such a fun party, everyone is eating and that's always a good sign. Hank is so adorable. Safe trip.

Jenn said...

Looks like you had good weather! That Hank sure is a cutie!

Laurie Anne said...

Looks like Hank had a great old time! :)
That looked like a great party!

leslie said...

we love hank!!

Anonymous said...

HaHa!!! I hope he actually eats real cake on his real birthday ;) Sooooo cute!!!
xoxo- k