Sunday, October 18, 2009

Part 1: For the kids

I have a few partial posts, so I guess I'll choose one and make it a two-parter (starting to feel the squeeze of posting every day)

BT found these mini Halloween comics at our local comic store to pass out to trick-or-treaters. We paid about $6 for 30, so totally on par price wise with a bag of Halloween candy or some cheapie toys. To be expected, the Star Wars one is pretty good, the Casper one is written for folks of a different generation, and the Domo one makes no sense whatsoever.

Swing by tomorrow to see how they will be given out to the kids. And no,they will not be presented with little bags and boards.


Favorite of the day: One of each, please (via Decor8)

Working on: Putting up


justJENN said...

My kids LOVE the DOMO one, but when I read it I'm like 'What the...'

telfair said...

Ooh!! I love these! In addition to being 'treat mom' for the daycare Halloween party, I also said I would bring in some Trick or Treat items since not many other parents are stepping up. But, they want things in addition to candy and sweets - like stickers, pencils, etc. These would be perfect.
Again, wish we lived closer so I could check out your comic book store. :(