Monday, October 26, 2009

Meme me

My "big project" for Hank's not going to get done. I'm ok with that - really. Fine.

Just for the record, it was going to be a photo printed fabric bunting of him wearing all of these disguises. The first fatal flaw was the fact that my son cannot sit still, does not "do" hats, and every picture was a blur, which I'm sure would look worse on fabric. Then, we don't have a printer set up here at home. I know - it's 2009. My grandma has a printer for crying out loud. Finally, I had plans for embellishing the bunting with regular fabric, ribbon etc. Too many steps for a maxed out mama. Did I mention I threw my back out last week (wah), and I am making 6 different dishes for an office party tomorrow (sadly gone are the days of buying an El Pollo Loco family meal)?


Fortunately there is always plenty on the internet to brighten one's day. Like imagining an internet meme costume for myself. I would be Keyboard Cat. Although apparently the real keyboard cat is wearing a baby t-shirt (I always thought it was a kimono), I don't think one would need to go that far to complete the costume. A baby blue t-shirt should suffice. An adult onesie? Creeeeepy!


Favorite of the day (besides internet meme costume maker): Beautiful and subtle

Working on: Let's see - Chinese chicken salad, green salad with pomegranate seeds and goat cheese, baked mac n cheese with butternut squash (from this month's Parents magazine), roasted root veggies, apple crisp, and whole wheat rolls. Trying to do all of the prep tonight and cook at work tomorrow.

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Junie Moon said...

Sometimes you have to say enough is enough. It's smart of you to recognize that. I have a backlog of Halloween projects I want to do and have decided I've maxed out, too. They'll be there for me next year if I still want to do them.