Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Here's Hank in his *real* Halloween costume, as Link

Despite a long tradition of creating costumes for myself that try to get every detail just right, now I am more inspired to create representational costumes. To me these are costumes that are mostly thrown together from what you have, and therefore you have to make do. Also, making kid's costumes from real clothes gives you a better shot of them staying on a little longer on Halloween (understanding of course that the hat is a no go after about 5 minutes).

From the top - Hat is handmade from felt. Turtleneck is a hand-me-down from Hank's cousin. Thrifted green polo shirt turned tunic (in the past I would have made this element from felt, but the large polo works just fine). Two of mama's belts were used to make a bandolier and a utility belt. The ocarina was a splurge at $6, but I figured this is quintessential Link, and therefore was a necessity. Instead of the white tights Link wears, Hank is wearing some tan knit pants we already had. He is wearing these booties, but since he is more mobile now (almost walking!), he will probably have to wear his regular (unmatching) shoes on Halloween. Bent sword from dollar store. Felt shield handmade. Total cost for thrifted polo shirt, ocarina, and sword: $10.

As previously mentioned, most people think he is Peter Pan. I'm ok with that. Just hope people notice all the work that went into that damn shield. It even has felt rivets.

(Update: Full lederhosen shot added to this post)


Favorite of the day: Ah good - now I can feel guilty about not being prepared for the holidays as I unwrap and read the cheerful holiday messages on the wrappers in addition to feeling guilty about eating too much chocolate.

Working on: justonemoreday until we leave for our trip!


Jenn said...

That is awesome! He is adorable :)

Laurie Anne said...

Great costume :) he is such a sweetie just want to pinch those little cheeks and smother them with kisses...

Tailored Trash Queen said...

OMG How cute! His shield is amazing I am happy to tell you!I really love how you took from what you had and viola' -- a wonderful Halloween costume. He is a doll!

telfair said...

I LOVE that costume! It turned out perfectly!

mascanlon said...

So cute and I love the thrifted approach. And i really love the kidding even with the prompting!

Anonymous said...

It turned out fabulous!!! You are one clever cat. I hope that Hank's costumes will always be one-of-a-kind. The costumes from the shops are pricey for some rinkydink nylon. Ewww. By the way, the lederhosen outfit looks great!! I hope Oktoberfest was a blast :) kayla