Saturday, October 03, 2009

I had patterns for bunnies and spaceboys

but not the pattern for the wee wonderfuls snail (from the hand sewing for fun collection)

But a snail is what I wanted to make. So order the pattern I did, and then the snail I did sew (while watching The Empire Strikes Back, apparently).

This is a gift for a friend expecting baby #2. The plaque with a fawn nursing is also for her,and was purchased at a garage sale for 25 cents. This was probably the most amazing garage sale I have ever been to, and it was very difficult to hold back from buying at least one table's worth of tchotchkes. I just had to think how someday it would be me selling all of those items in my yard for 25 cents apiece. So sad that the things you treasure are usually only worth a few pennies to somebody else...

On hand: felt, stuffing

Upcycled: N/A

Cost: $6 for pattern and ~$4 for fabric for the snail's shell. Oh and 25 cents for the plaque.

Favorite of the day: Imagining Hank eating off a plate instead of throwing it on the floor is kind of a stretch, but if he ever does decide to eat like a civilized human being one day, I hope I can provide a drawer of cute dishes like this for him.

Working on: Still the darn invites

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